Pulp with a Purpose

Pulp with a Purpose

 Something I hear pretty often is that people just don’t know what to do with all that still valuable pulp that comes out of their juicer.  After a home juicing session there is typically quite a bit of food stuff that, if left unused, can make a health loving person feel pretty gosh darn wasteful.  But not to fear!  As it turns out, that ground up colorful pulp has many uses that not only take away the feeling of guilt from food wasting, but can also make you feel like a pretty crafty and creative individual.  Below are a few of my favorite ways to make use of left over pulp, as well as a couple links to sites with even more ideas.  Have a few uses of your own you don’t see here?  Comment below to share the knowledge.

Freeze it for smoothies.

    Juice your fruits separately from your veggies and freeze the left over pulp to add to smoothies.  Even a few of the veggies can be saved and thrown in your favorite health concoction.  The frozen pulp can take the place of ice and add a healthy dose of fiber to keep that vital digestive system of yours running smoothly (smoothie…smoothly…get it?? heehee)

Make some crackers.

    Or fruit leathers, or fruit roll ups, or raw cookies, or veggie burgers even.  Take the left over pulp, add some herbs, spices, sweeteners, nuts/seeds, get creative, blend it all up in a food processor or blender.  Throw the mix in a dehydrator or low temp oven and get ready to love what comes out.  My fav: carrot, ginger, and apple pulp mixed with unsweetened coconut flakes, soaked walnuts, soaked raisins, and some pumpkin pie spice.  The result has no name but most def satisfies cravings for sweets and makes a yummy snack for on the go.  

Feed it to the birds.

    Have some chickens?  Know someone who does?  Pulp from a juicer makes excellent chicken feed.  Organic and nutritious, pulp makes a great substitute for the oft used grain most chickies are forced to eat.  And we all know the better the chickens eat the tastier those eggies turn out…if eggs are your thing that is.  If not, pulp can also be a welcome addition to any pets diet for an added boost of health.

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